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Another Day, Another Sunset

There is no shortage of beauty when you’re abroad, but a few instances will always imprint themselves on you permanently. I’ve seen my share of gorgeous sunsets and stunning beaches but something about the way the Bristol Channel stood completely still, offering a perfect reflection of the iridescent sunset, with scarcely a ripple to distinguish between water and sky made me pause. I’ve never seen anything so tranquil. The clarity of the clouds on the water was awe-inspiring and filled me with a sense of peace. Taking some time to slow down, visit the country side, and relax makes me feel like I’m in calmer waters. And it is amazing how clear things can appear with that new frame of mind. Similarly, taking the year off to backpack (while being undoubtedly hectic) has allowed me to realize a lot more about myself, things that may not be so apparent in the choppy waters of everyday life. Being constantly on the move doesn’t always leave room for introspection, but when you travel at your own pace and live exactly how you choose, it feels like you have all the time in the world. And in some ways that’s true. Near Burry Port, South Wales

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  1. Mom November 3, 2016

    Ahh. The luxury to think and have clarity. Then you need to listen to what your tranquil heart and mind are telling you.

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