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A few weeks ago I got to see my mum, which is something that obviously not happened in a long time (not even via skype). Unfortunately it was because she needed to have hip surgery… however, it did mean that I got to take hangout with my mum, eat delicious Indian takeout and burgers everyday (I generally live off a few potatoes), binge watch EVERYTHING, and – most importantly – do some much needed laundry. While it was great to chill out for a bit Birmingham isn’t the most exciting place on earth, and after 6 months of being constantly on the go it didn’t take long for me to get cabin fever.

My next destination was Vienna though, which promised to beautiful, albeit a bit expensive. In other words, on my shoestring budget there’d be no more decadent burgers and piles of nachos. I started to realize just how little I actually had per day (35$), and then went on to realize that that included not just food and accommodation, but also long distance transport. I was destined for lots of instant noodles, and *gasp*… limited beer! Thank f*** that I met some absolutely amazing humans who were more than happy to feed me and buy me beer! We also did a very productive walking tour which was informative but just confirmed how short my attention span is… Vienna is a beautiful city, and spending 5 days there with great people (and great beer) was f***ing cool!

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  1. Courtney March 17, 2017

    Since when do you bleep out your swearing? 😱 never thought europe would turn you into a censored human 😉

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