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Some Successful Sightseeing (for once) 

I recently returned to Munich for a few nights despite having already spent 5 (very unproductive) days there back in December and managed to do so much this time round! Aside from some general sightseeing that I neglected to do last time, my friend Tim and I managed to get free entry to see The Wonder Years perform after meeting and getting drunk with the whole band. We met them on our way to a beer house, got to chatting, then got to drinking, and 4 steins later we were on the guest list! It was the first live music I’ve seen in ages and one of the coolest nights yet. Now I know I should be talking about the touristy shit we did BUT one of my other highlights of the weekend was running into a lady who was walking over TEN dogs in the English gardens!!! TEN DOGS! If getting to pat that many dogs isn’t heaven then I don’t know what is. I even got to feed them some treats which resulted in me getting swarmed by SO MUCH CUTENESS! Regrettably, I didn’t get a picture of the pack of dogs so here’s some of the many cool buildings we saw instead. 

Definitely a 10/10 weekend, one that also made me realize how much easier it is to sightsee with a slightly more motivated friend. 

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