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I am now officially a fixture at Edinburgh University. I’ve been staying in my friend Christina’s room for over a week now, and I was just mistaken for her by the room inspection people. After hesitantly answering a few questions, they concluded that everything was in order and I was allowed to return to my midday nap. 

It’s pretty great to be at university without actually being a student; by day, I go sightseeing and explore the city, and by night I get to meet all Christina’s friends, commiserate with everyone over their copious amounts of homework (despite the fact that I have none) and sleep in at my leisure. I even attended a lecture hungover, just to get the complete student experience. Mom, dad, if/when I go to university, you’ll have Christina and her friends to thank for that!

I’ve just booked my bus route to Berlin, which consists of a hellish 30 hours spent on board a cramped bus and takes about 2 whole days. As much as I’m excited to get back to Germany I’ll miss hanging out with my gracious host, drinking cider at the Christmas market, pulling unproductive all nighters with the other students, and exploring the beautiful city that is Edinburgh. 

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  1. Monique Morden November 28, 2016

    That photo is incredible. It looks out of a different era. Thanks to Christina for letting you squat at her dorm for so long. I hope you bought her some beers/dinners.

  2. beluga c November 29, 2016

    those houses are gorgeous :0
    and p.s there’s always room at western for you and many lectures you can attend hungover 😉

    • Monique Morden December 1, 2016

      Including lessons from Bunny Floyd! Just make sure you keep your fruit away from him or he may attack you.

  3. Katja Ufer December 5, 2016

    Hi Natasha,
    we are so happy to have to back in Idstein after your visit to Berlin. And you won’t have to miss the cider in Germany, we have wonderful Gluehwein (hot red wine flavored with cloves and oranges – the best!). The Ufer-family is so happy to have you here for Christmas.
    See you soon,

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