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The Angry Irishman

When drunk, many people including myself become charming and charismatic, if slightly ridiculous. Others though, just become complete assholes (or were assholes to begin with). The latter was the case with a new resident at Greg & Tom Party Hostel; a very old and clearly very lonely Irishman who probably couldn’t have picked a worse place to stay. Let’s just say, if I’m ever 50 and staying in a party hostel someone better bring me to my senses. The only way to make friends is to approach people, and apparently this dude wasn’t wise to that fact and managed to get himself real worked up about it, running around calling everyone unfriendly, demanding attention, you know, real mature stuff. As he drank more he got more and more of an attitude and soon enough was being an aggressive asshole to the poor staff members. It got to the point where they had to kick him out of the hostel, but being the belligerent dickhead he was, that process did not go smoothly. Security was called, he was forcibly removed from the room and got a face full of pepper spray. I never realized that watching someone get pepper sprayed could be so satisfying. It took forever for the cops to ram this oversized drunkard into the car but god was it funny to watch. That was some quality entertainment for one night, and the hostel is now free of the angry Irishman. 

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