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The Raisin Famine

When my parents went backpacking “back in the day” they were truly broke for some/most of their trip, and had a phase which they dubbed “the raisin famine”. They lived off of raisins because that was the cheapest, most convenient food they could buy with their nearly non-existent funds. And now, just over 2 months into my trip, I have begun to follow in their footsteps. 
The UK has been devouring my money at an astonishing rate, despite my attempts to save every last pound. Accommodation is crazy expensive, and alcohol is out of the question. However, I’ve come up with a foolproof plan to save money for the next few days:

Step 1) go to Snowdonia National Park. 15£ a night at a hostel with no wifi, no bar, and probably not even a vending machine is sure-fire way to save. After all, how can you spend money when there’s nothing to spend it on?

Step 2) buy 20 packets of instant oatmeal for 2 pounds, and a huge bag of raisins for even less. Cheap meals for days. 

Step 3) avoid thinking about where to go next because Ireland is crazy expensive and Scotland seems really far away, and it makes more sense to go to Ireland first but I didn’t book anything ahead of time and now it’s even more expensive than it needed to be. Oops. 

Snowdonia will be a great place to continue to procrastinate trip planning! If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the middle of nowhere, hiking and eating raisins. 

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  1. Mom November 6, 2016

    The UK is expensive. You are lucky the pound is at $1.20CDN. It was $2.20 “back in the day.”

    The other part of the Raisin Famine was us eventually going delirious which was the impetus for the Rasin War as we began throwing raisins at each other. So beware the power of the raisin!

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