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The Second Tattoo

I’ve already posted my first tattoo but what not everyone may know is that there’s a second one. After a bunch of requests to see and hear the story behind it, I’ve decided that it’s too ridiculous to keep a secret. Family, friends, feel free to judge me as much as you’d like. (It’s quite red and a bit bloody but you get the idea). 
I got a ping pong ball, with the logo of the hostel I’ve been staying at. Now before you laugh at this life decision, get ready to laugh even harder because… it was a group tattoo myself and two guys got after winning an intense flip pong competition against the staff. Tim, Nick, and myself were a great team and we spent far too much time flipping cups and skulling beers. The staff here are absolute legends at any and all drinking games, so naturally it was the proudest moment of my life to get that victory. I opted to get the group tattoo right on my ankle bone, which wasn’t a lot of fun, it was pretty painful honestly, but definitely worth it in the end. It used to be that I wanted a basketball there but evidently I’ve switched sports!

Anyhow, that will be the last questionable decision I make in Budapest for at least a few weeks because I’m off to Slovakia to do some much needed skiing. I know I’ll be back but it’s time to detox and explore some more!

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  1. Mom February 3, 2017

    Epic! Good story. I didn’t realize it was a group tattoo. You are eternally bonded with Nick and Tim. Time to go pro!

  2. Gran February 8, 2017

    I’m too chicken to get needled like that. I’m good at giving them but not so good at getting them.

    They are understated, cool Tasha!

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