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You meet all sorts of people while backpacking; most of them are awesome, but some are wholly infuriating. These annoying folks are the pompous asses who think they know the one and only way to travel. They whole heartedly believe that if you don’t see every damn war monument that you aren’t appreciating history, that if you don’t plan your accommodation ahead of time then you’re an idiot, and that if you don’t visit every famous museum you’re uncultured. I don’t want your unsolicited advice about how best to travel Europe. If I want to go to a basketball game instead of visit a church or cathedral (many of which start looking very similar after a bunch of em) then that’s clearly a better use of my time. When will I be able to watch a sport I love, in Belgrade, for less than 7$? Definitely not anytime soon. How many churches are there in Europe? Plenty. Similarly, if one more person tells me I “should really be doing walking tours” I will snap. I realize how good they are and how much you can learn about a city, but sometimes I don’t want to stand around and listen to someone talk for 3 hours when I could, say go on a hike and get a nice view of the city in the same time. There’s lots of different ways to experience a city, and the next person to tell me I’m doing it wrong is going to get kicked in the shins. 

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  1. Araceli April 18, 2017

    Amen!!! Love this post!

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