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Who Needs Buses or Trains?

After a week of travelling through Romania with my friend Camille, I can conclude that hitchhiking is by far my favourite way to get around. I don’t know if this will be exclusive to Romania, but it is ridiculously easy to catch rides here. The longest we’ve ever waited before someone pulled over was 20 minutes. In wales I’m pretty sure I got the pleasure of waiting over an hour (in the rain and the dark). Romanians are some of the friendliest people I’ve encountered thus far, which is partially why Camille and I decided that we would travel Romania exclusively by hitchhiking (the other part being that we are broke). Buses are for the weak and the wealthy, and we are neither! Things tend to go quite smoothly; most people speak a bit of English, but even those who don’t easily understand our pitiful cardboard signs. We travelled with ease from Bucharest to Brasov, and then also hitched our way out to Bran castle. Being quite broke we just looked at “Dracula’s castle” from outside the gate, explored the town a bit, then caught a ride back with two nice old men. I accidentally offered said elderly men what looked like drugs (they were mints I’d misguidedly put in a plastic bag) and we had to spend some time attempting to explain that I wasn’t trying to drug them, and once that was clear it was all smooth sailing. Pro tip: leave mints in their damn package.

Camille and I could hardly believe our luck, we had such a good record hitchhiking in Romania, and decided to push our luck by heading to a coastal town called Constanta. A town almost 500km away from Brasov. Possibly a bit ambitious as we were keen to do it all in one day. We hopped successfully from town to town, meeting some more lovely people along the way,

Riding in everything from tiny half broken down cars, to service vans, and last but not least, a semi-truck. 

This semi-truck was meant to be the last leg of our journey and we all had a great time trying to chat in limited English and listening to Romanian music, however, there was a slight miscommunication about our final destination… and long story short, we ended up in an industrial port 15km from the city. Not easily phased, Camille and I were prepared to walk it, the only issue was that the port was full of security and police officers, so we made it about 2km before someone stopped us and asked for papers and a general explanation as to how the hell we got into this area in the first place. Believe it or not, we ended up getting one last free ride into town (directly to the hostel actually) from a nice police officer. I think they were more concerned about us walking along the highway than we were. And now, finally, 14 hours, 7 different vehicles, and almost 500km later we are in Constanta. And that right there is exactly why we decided on hitchhiking.

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  1. Camille April 6, 2017

    Don’t exaggerate Tasha. It was only 12 km from the hostel!

  2. beluga c April 7, 2017


  3. Cris April 7, 2017

    Very Brave.

    Im digging your quotable material ie. “Buses are for the weak and the wealthy (and we are neither).” Haha too good. Especially considering that I am writing this while riding a bus 😎.

    I’d offer advive, but I think you are way better off without it! You rock, have a great time!

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